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3597 E. Monarch Sky Lanel #240
Meridian, Idaho 83646

Do you have questions on home loans available in the Boise area? You can call me or can apply online today. I will figure out what loans best fit you and your needs today!

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Audrey D'Orazio
Senior Loan Officer
(623) 340-0092
NMLS #12573

My Professional experience spans from consumer, mortgage, and financial lending to business development, marketing and entrepreneurship. I began my own mortgage business in 1997 and now with Gold Financial Services, I continue the endeavor of mortgage planning and lending to this day. We’re a full service mortgage lender with an experienced staff offering expertise in every area of mortgage lending…from purchase to refinance to construction lending. We have access to a full range of mortgage sources and all of our lending specialists are dedicated to finding the right loan-with the best rates, terms and costs-to meet your unique needs.

For most people, their mortgage represents their largest and most important debt obligation while their home represents their most significant asset; however, most consumers lack a plan to manage their mortgage. I am knowledgeable, insightful, “out of the box” thinker and very personable. I am a huge advocate for my clients and have a “never surrender attitude”. I am one of a rare group of mortgage planners in the nation who has invested in the technology, tools, and training necessary to deliver a comprehensive mortgage plan. I allow my clients to consider several mortgage options and then determine the strategy that best helps accomplish their goals. A properly structured mortgage plan will have a powerful impact on your overall financial health and wealth. Consumers who secure the services of a qualified mortgage planner are uniquely empowered to make solid decisions.

I have helped many clients obtain their dream of ownership when they have been advised by others that they could not obtain this dream.

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